Sol-S 60 - Nordic ski

SOL/S 60 Cross-country skiing and ski jump

This model is based on SOL/S 40 with additional features to it, such as sliding lanes and ease of installation, attrition control and possibility to configure courses.

GROUND TYPES: Sol/S 60 does not have specific requirements for installation except for the removal of holes in the ground.  This precaution is vital for safety reasons in order to avoid the cross-country skier from laying his ski-stick in a hole, and consequently loose equilibrium and eventually fall down.

COURSE CONFIGURATION POSSIBILITY: Following ours and that of our competitor’s experience, for an optimal use, we suggest to create a track measuring 3 meters of width, so to allow multiple lanes, and loops ranging from 300 meters to 1000 meters long. 

The minimum measure for cross-country ski tracks is of 45 centimeters or multiples.

EASE OF INSTALLATION: To ease installation for events and sport camps, we can offer panels 90 centimeters wide per 25 meters of length.

ATTRITION CONTROL:  Due to the existence of unexpected slopes in a course, attrition control has been expressly designed to increase attrition when going upwards, and to decrease attrition on the way down so to avoid falling.

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