Sol-S 40 - Alpine Ski, snow-board, carving

It is the most innovative product.  It fills in the existing snow where it is missing.  It can also replace snow in order to allow skiing throughout the whole year, whether it is in towns, sport centers or wherever you wish to install it.


Sol/s 40 truly simulates all specific conditions and features of a real ski slope, ranging from the less to the most challenging ones.   Ideal for beginners and for experts.


Our product has many strengths, among which are the following:  ski conduction, degree of slippery, product smoothness, adaptability to the ground, panel deformation and conformation, installation and maintenance, user safety, environment friendly, packaging and logistic.


SKI CONDUCTION: one of the main strengths of our product is the differentiated height tem configuration.  This fact allows optimal ski holding for both straight and angular motion so to realistically simulate the various ski postures occurring on true snow.


DEGREE OF SLIPPERY: Just like you start on snow, the different stem heights enable to obtain a light degree of attrition at the start, due to the crushing of the two tallest layer, and, with the increase in speed, less attrition occurs since the ski lays closer to the surface.


The slippery degree is also the result of material employed:  we therefore use only quality plastic material mixes. 


This feature can be improved further by using specially conceived products, which we will supply to you, helping the skis to slide even more.


SMOOTHNESS: The different height stems enable a greater smoothness and, in case of a fall, to absorb the crash.


ADAPTABILITY TO THE GROUND: The use of small moduli attached and welded to each other enables to obtain a high degree of flexibility of our product so to guarantee a perfect adhesion to the ground.


DEFORMATION: a thin structured mesh enable a minor absorbtion of sunlight and therefor of heat.


PANEL CONFORMATION: The plastic ski panels usually measure 2x10 meters.  The are the result of an industrial production process constantly kept under control, starting from the printing of each piece to the welding together of these micro-panels.  Such a process is essential in order to avoid the tearing up of the plastic mantel.


INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE: The choice of assembled and welded panel is firstly determined by the fact that the panel must act with the ground on which it is put in order not to slide away.  Any detachment from the ground may cause injury.  Secondly, it enables an easy and fast maintenance so reducing considerably costs. As opposed to our competitors product, ours is self-locking .


USER SAFETY SYSTEM: As many other kinds of plastic ski panels produced both by us and by our competitors, the support mesh features holes in order to allow the ski to cool down.  This also enables the positioning of poles for competitions and to avoid hand injuries.


In case of fall, the smooth stems flex so reducing possibilities of bruises and burns.


ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY: The importance to environment awareness led us to select materials which are recyclable and certified by leading companies in the field, and to design a product with low plastic usage consumption.  As a matter of fact, Sol/S 40 has a low weight per square meter, and since the panels are welded together, no plastic waste is released in the environment.


ENVIRONMENT IMPACT: The panels can be created in various colors, reducing the visual impact on the environment in which they are installed.

PACKAGING, TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS: The usual product configuration is in 2x10 meter panels, rolled up in order to occupy a 70 centimeter diameter and 2 meters high cilinder so reducing the warehousing space. 

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