Sol-S 80 - Loading & unloading lift areas

SOL/S 80 Ski-lifts and chair-lifts

Thanks to the durability, functionality and ease of use, the SOL/S 80 solves the problem of snow consumption usually occurring where skiers mostly crowd and in such places as bridges, starts and arrivals of ski and chair-lifts.

Once installed on the ground, the SOL/S 80 guarantees skiers to normally pass in complete safety without stone and grass damaging skis even in case of full absence of snow on the ground.

Well known ski resorts have employed our product allowing skiers to smoothly transit and access to ski and chair-lifts without many problems.

The possibility to configure rolls of panels according to our clients requirements, enables SOL/S 80 to be an indispensable and useful solution for all those areas where the snow is easily used up, and which would otherwise require heavy maintenance.


maintenance and management cost reductions fon areas of start and arrival of ski and chair-lifts.

increase in snow mantel lifetime when the installation of Sol/s 80 takes place at the beginning of the season so to control the wearing out of the snow;

ski damage prevention, ease of seasonally installation and removal thanks to welded panels.


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